Freight Logisitics

1st Choice Logisitics provides multiple methods to move your freight, both nationally and globally. As a reknowned freight logistics company, we have developed a network of channel partners to efficently and effectively move all of your freight.

Over The Road:

Whether your shipment is Truck Load (TL) or Less than Truck load (LTL), we can pick and deliver it anywhere in the world. Need a carrier with temperature controlled trucking equipment, call 1st Choice Logisitics. Our network of carriers includes temp controlled containers as well as flatbed trucks allowing us to meet all of your freight transportation needs.

Intermodal (Truck, Rail, Air, Ocean)

In addiiton to shipping freight by Truck, 1st Choice also offers Intermodal Services - moving freight by Rail, Truck, Air, and/or Ship. We offer any combination of shipping using Intermodal containers. Intermodal transportation reduces cargo handling, and so improves security, reduces damages and losses, and allows freight to be transported faster. This provides a complete solution for companies wanting to work with one shippping provider who is responsible for the entire logistics, shipping, and delivery process.

Additional Freight Logisitics Services:

In addition we have Cross docking, redelivery, and Warehousing Services Nation Wide.

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